Tampa Bay Bookkeeping Services

Giving Tampa Business Owners Numbers They Need To Scale Sustainably

Most Tampa Business Owners Face The Same Challenges

Which One is Getting in The Way of Your Business Growth?


Your business is making great money, yet you struggle to pay payroll...no less yourself.

You love your business and your employees, but if you don't find out what's going soon nobody is going to have a job.


When you do find yourself inside your accounting software, nothing seems to be in the right bucket.

You have no idea what the numbers are telling you. So, you look at your bank statement and if you have enough in there to cover expenses, you move on.


You've worked with a bookkeeper before, but you didn't get the value you were expecting.

After months of paying for what felt like nothing...you went back to doing your bookkeeping yourself, only to feel overwhelmed and more confused than ever.

We Help Tampa Business Owners Just Like You

Our goal is to take the burden of bookkeeping off your shoulders, so that you can focus on what you do best-

Running your business!

With accurate numbers at your fingertips you are always armed with data to make informed decisions that protect your businesses future.

Businesses in the Competitive Tampa Bay Market Rely on Solid Numbers

Without solid numbers, how can you be sure your business is really profitable?

Your Business Deserves A Profit Advocate

—an expert bookkeeper dedicated to providing you with timely, actionable data for your most crucial decisions.

That's where we come in!

  • Accurate, decision ready financial reports.

  • Communication for ongoing support.

  • Industry specific bookkeeping.

If you are ready to find more money in your business and more time in your day, let's chat.

Frequently Asked Questions Here at Squeaky Clean Books

I don't live in Tampa, can you still help me with my bookkeeping?

Absolutely! Squeaky Clean Books is a virtual bookkeeping firm with it's base in Tampa Bay, Florida. However, we work with clients from coast to coast and throughout the United States.

Our team members are also located within the United States, so support is fast and easy to access.

I already have a CPA, do I still need a bookkeeper?

The short answer is YES! We work alongside CPA's to provide a complete financial support system for your business.

While CPA's often focus on taxes and audits, a bookkeeper handles daily financials inside your business providing accurate information ready for your CPA come tax time! Your CPA will be very happy to hear you are working with a bookkeeper. :)

How much does specialized bookkeeping cost?

Each business is unique, so we price our services to perfectly fit your businesses unique needs.

We consider things like transaction volume, number of loans, payroll cycles, and many other factors ensuring you only pay for what you need, while having the support you deserve. A discovery call is a perfect place to get a quick estimate. Schedule yours free today!

Here's What Other Business Owners Are Saying


Kerri Anne Kedziora

Kedziora Business Growth

"I have been referring clients to Austen now for approximately 3 years and have always found that they are well taken care of and they report back to that they are well taken care of by Austen and his team! It's a huge relief to me to be able to trust Squeaky Clean Books to take care of my clients needs."


Justin Jones

Happy Employees Cleaning

"I have the pleasure of working with Squeaky Clean Books, and let me tell you, they've taken the "cleaning" in their name to a whole new level! As someone who's always been puzzled by numbers and financial jargon, I was in desperate need of help for my cleaning business. Enter Squeaky Clean Books, the superheroes of virtual bookkeeping."


Mike Marino

New Levels Cleaning

"Working with Austen and Gina has been awesome - I've worked with other bookkeepers in the past that would send me reports without explaining much and I'd be left to figure things out on my own. But with Squeaky Clean Books each month we go through all of my statements and P&Ls and really analyze the numbers and work together to increase profits and reduce expenses. Not only are they a great bookkeeping service but great people as well! I would highly recommend Austen and Gina to be a part of your team."

Ready To Unlock Your Business Potential with Expert Bookkeeping?

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